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Sea turtles are graceful saltwater reptiles, well adapted to life at sea. Unlike turtles on land, sea turtles cannot retract their legs and head. But with streamlined bodies and flipper-like limbs, they are graceful swimmers able to navigate across the oceans of the world. In this lesson we'll be learning about four different types of tarsiers, the Philippine, spectral, pygmy and Peleng. We'll go over where each of these types of tarsiers are found in the world. The Peleng tarsier Tarsius pelengensis, or the Peleng Island tarsier, is a nocturnal primate found on Peleng Island, Indonesia. This tarsier can turn is head 180 degrees, much like an owl, because its eyes are fixed in their sockets. References ^. The Peleng tarsier is endemic to the island of Peleng, off the east coast of Sulawesi, and it may also be present on other smaller islands of the Banggai Archipelago. The natural habitat of this tarsier is primary forest; however, illegal logging and.

Little is known about the habitat requirement for this species, but other tarsier species have been found in secondary forest, or other non-primary habitat, so it seems likely that the Peleng tarsier can occupy similar habitat. Secondary forest occupies about 63% of the island, making 72% of the surface area potentially providing suitable habitat. T. tarsier for example, has white spots behind its ears and a scaly underside of the tail, traits which the other species do not possess Musser & Dagosto 1987; Groves 1998. Further, T. bancanus and T. syrichta have more yellow and a more pale coloration than T. tarsier Musser & Dagosto 1987. 2015-01-25 · T. pelengensis Peleng tarsier is found only on the island of Peleng, Southeast of Sulawesi. T. lariang Lariang tarsier is found in the region of the Lariang River in western central Sulawesi, which it is named after. T. tumpara Siau island tarsier is restricted to the small island of Siau, 130km North of Sulawesi.

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